This young gentleman presented with uncontrolled high blood pressurei despite being on 3 prescription medications, fatty liver, kidney disease, severe arthritisi and sleep apnea. 
He followed a low calorie Zone type diet and over a period of a year was able to lose 160 lb of which over 60% is fat loss. Post weight loss is off of all but one low dose blood pressure medication, fatty liver, kidney problems, and sleep apnea have resolved. He is an advocate of health among his friends and college and a new person who enjoys swimming and exercising on a regular basis and has lot of energy.

This young gentleman is an avid cycler who followed a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet and over a period of 5 months was able to lose close to 40 lb. of weight of which 34 lb. was fat. His level of fitness significantly improved and has been able to maintain his weight and body fat since last year.

This young lady presented with high blood pressurei, high cholesteroli levels and feeling tired. Through a low carbohydrates, ketogenic diet, she was able to lose over 20 lb. of weight of which majority was fat. Her cholesteroli levels are now normal and she has a newfound level of energy and vitality.

This young lady presented with weight gain, fatigue and high cholesteroli levels. through a low carbohydrate ketogenic diet, she was able to lose over 25 lb. of fat and avoid getting on a cholesteroli lowering medication such as lipitor. She is an avid yogi now. She maintains her weightloss on a maintenance diet which she was put on as well as well as practicing yoga multiple times/week.


All testimonials are from Dr. Shafipour patients over the past 4 years and are all anonymous to protect their privacy.

Ending weight 145lbs
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Testimonial (Weight Loss)
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I am so grateful to Dr. Shafipour, it is thanks to him, that I now have a healthy, happier life!, I lost 50 pounds, and have kept them off for over 6 months. He was caring, supportive and I always felt like I was safe.


I visited Dr. Shafipour 1 year ago. My objective was to loose weight specialy around my waist area. I lost 10 LBS in 5 Weeks from 142 to 132. The most important thing for me is that I learned how to eat and what effects it has on my weight and...

Thanks to Kalika for recommending Dr. Pouya Shafipour. I went to see him yesterday for a second opinion( About my Thyroid), and he was able to interpret more information for me. My takeaway was that cancer usually appears as a hard calcified lump...

The doctor listened to me.

I was impressed with speed of service. I am very satisfied with Dr. Shafipour.

Dr. Shafipour is wonderful. He listens, always and always gives me great information to take home. Thank you so much. I am so happy healthier since seeing this doctor. I was Dr. Shafipour could have a private free weight loss information session...

Caring Doctor

Dr. Shafipour was very thorough and took his time. Impressed with that!