We also offer some rapid and efficient laboratory services in our office.  The majority of these medical tests are associated with many chronic diseases; the results of these tests will give insight to one's health and help prevent many chronic diseases.

“Know your 5” Tests: Based on Dr. Oz’s famous 5 Lifesaving tests everyone should know, we offer the following services to all of our patients:

Blood pressure check: High blood pressurei is directly linked to many medical conditions and diseases including:

  • Strokei
  • Heart attacki

Blood pressure can be lowered in various ways including:

  • Dietary changes
  • Dietary supplements
  • Pharmaceuticals 

Waist and Hip Measurement:

Increased waist size and abdominal fat has been directly linked to many health conditions including:

  • Diabetesi
  • Heart diseasei
  • Some cancers

A recent study by the American Cancer Society indicated that having a large waist size doubled the risk of dying from any cause during the study period compared to those with smaller waists. Large waist size especially increases risk of death from any cause among women.

Cholesteroli testing (in-office through rapid finger stick):

  • High fasting cholesteroli
  • Especially Low density lipoptrotein (LDL)
  • Triglycerideis

Undesirable cholesteroli results have been linked to increased inflammationi, which independently increases the risk of:

  • Heart diseasei
  • Strokei

We can check your cholesteroli using a quick finger-stick testing in the office and have the results ready within a few minutes.

Body Fat Analysisi, using a Bio-Impedance Device:

Knowledge of one’s body fat percentage is a better indication of their weight and health status than Body Mass Index (Weight/ square of height), especially in athletes who have a heavy weight, mostly muscle. 

Using a bio-impedance device, we measure your body fat in a few seconds and as you lose weight, we re-measure it to make sure you are losing fat rather than muscle.

Blood sugar testing:

According to CDC(Center for Disease Control) data from 2010, 25.8 million Americans have diabetesi out of which 7 million are undiagnosed. 

High fasting blood sugar above 100 is an indication of pre-diabetesi, and above 126 is an indication of diabetesi. The earlier diabetesi and pre-diabetesi is diagnosed, the more grave outcomes of high blood sugar can be prevented. 

Using a rapid finger-stick method, we’ll be able to measure your blood sugar levels and discuss them with you in the office. Call us (310) 400-5565 for an appointment to check yours and rule out your likelihood of developing diabetesi.

Hemoglobin A1C test:

Hemoglobin A1C (or Glycated Hemoglobin, or A1C) is the percentage of red blood cells (hemoglobin) that have sugar attached to them.  It measures your average blood glucose control for the past 2 to 3 months. 

We recommend it be checked every 3-6 months for all patients with diabetesi or pre-diabetesi to monitor their blood sugar control and, if necessary,  modify treatment.  In our office we are able to check your A1C level with a small finger stick and get the values within seconds and make the appropriate recommendation.

Metabolic Testing:

Metabolic rates in individuals vary based on their genetic background, as well as the:

  • Amount of muscle one has
  • The type of food one eats

  Using a very high tech Metabolic Analyzer device, we are able to test your fasting, resting metabolic rate.  Based on the data from this test, as well as blood tests, we will be able to get a clearer picture of your metabolism and design a program that will improve your metabolism the most and result in the most weight loss.

Make your appointment today to check your Metabolic rate. (310) 400-5565